Max-Out Monday

Here is a weekly challenge you can do to gauge your performance.  Over time you should achieve significant improvements in your fitness level.


Here is how it works:

Max-Out Monday- Choose 3 exercises that are important to you.  Do each exercise, in one set,  to the point of failure.  Gut check time! Track how many reps you did of each exercise in your log book.  You will see a gradual improvement, as your form, strength and will improves.

Really, you can pick any day of week to accomplish this, but it should be the same day every week.  Think of it as a sort of weekly test.

Feel free to post your accomplishments.




The Champion Challenge

It is what you do in the final stretch, that makes Champions.  Champions go above and beyond in training.  They are Champions because they deserve what is coming to them and then take what is theirs.

The challenge is designed with this in mind.  It is called the The Champion Challenge because it occurs in the final stretch of 2017.  When everyone else is eating cookies and slacking off, we will be honing our bodies, minds and spirits, to propel us into 2018, with the conviction of making it our year.

Here is how it works:

Starting on December 15th, and ending on December 31st, voluntary participants will complete 100 reps of any exercise movement of choice per day.  For example, Beginners may choose to do 100 sit ups, broken into 5 sets, while more Advanced Athletes may choose to bang out 100 push-ups in one set.  The main thing is completing 100 reps of a particular exercise, any how, any way.  The reward is neither money, nor a T-Shirt.  It is something far more important, Personal Pride.

This is the first post for Performafit.  Help get the word out on this by posting to Social Media.  Compete with your friends.  Compete with future friends.  Feel free to reply;  post results, pictures, videos, or anything related to this challenge.  Advertisements and SPAM will be exterminated.